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Greedy Pirate

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No fear have ye of evil curses, says you? Properly warned ye be, says I. Coming soon the Greedy Pirate. It wouldn’t be the same if there wasn’t a bit of plundered wealth to explain his demise. We’re getting closer to setting sail on the high seas for this release. Each skull arrives with his own cursed treasure to help be properly displayed and as a reminder, dead men tell no tales…

 This greedy scoundrel stands 5.25" tall with a hat 8" wide and holds approximately 16 fluid ounces. Each of the 140 handmade mugs will include a custom made to fit resin base to properly hold his final remains and share his final bounty.  These mugs are handmade and glazed individually so no two will be exactly alike . Limit 2 per person/address.  Sculpture by Tanner Perks Produced by The Shrunken Monkey. Stoneware with food safe glazes, dishwasher safe but recommended hand wash only.